best crypto tax software article featured image

Crypto tax software: the unsung hero of the cryptocurrency world. With countless choices available, navigating the sea of options can be daunting. But have no fear, friend! When searching for the perfect crypto tax software, consider factors like reputation, features, exchange integration, pricing, customer support, and security.  Doing your homework pays off – it’s worth […]

RocketX Exchange Review Featured Image

RocketX Exchange is the latest cryptocurrency hybrid DEX aggregator to enter the ever-evolving world of blockchain technology and digital assets.  With so many exchanges popping up all the time, it can be hard to keep track of who is offering what services.  What sets RocketX apart from traditional CEX or DEX is that it bills […]

the psychology behind pyramid schemes featured post image

  The psychology behind pyramid schemes is a fascinating yet deceptive curiosity. The initial recruiter forms the apex of the pyramid. They then offer a lucrative deal of goods or services in return for investment. The initial recruit has to recruit more members to recoup their invested money. Furthermore, those members have to recruit even […]

smartfi review - smartfi logo

  This SmartFi review is the result of a discussion I had a couple of days ago with a friend regarding the DeFi industry. I decided to take a closer look, particularly at SmartFi loans. He asked was Smartfi a scam? Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency, thousands have followed. New “sub” industries such as NFTs […]

nft market place featured image with man holding cash drawn in cartoon style

  NFT market platforms are attracting a big audience, namely artists and creators to the cryptocurrency space. NFTs provide a new way for artists and content creators to control their work. Furthermore it opens p new revenue streams to them. Central to this is the need for market places and exchanges to facilitate the trade […]

Lydian World for dummies Image

Lydian World for Dummies is a Guide to help you make sense of the Lydian World and what it has to offer. You will learn about the platform, its history, vision, achievements and ambitions. In this Lydian World for Dummies Guide we cover the following topics. Jump straight to the content you want using the […]

g999 pyramid marketing through gs partners

G999 is the brainchild of Josip Heit (née Curcic). Furthermore, it is the native token for the Gold Standard Bank (GSB) Blockchain. The Gold Standard Bank Blockchain itself is a fork (modified copy) of PIVX. The Gold Standard Bank is not a bank as they do not have a banking license. Gold Standard Partners (GSP) […]

Proof of Keys

January 3, 2020 Learn, Opinions

Proof of Keys is the Birthday celebration for the blockchain and the freedom it brings. The bitcoin blockchain roared to life more than a decade ago on 3 January 2009. Today marks the official birthday of the bitcoin blockchain which many users around the world celebrate by participating in the Proof of Keys movement. As […]

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